You’re Missing Out If You Haven’t Watched These TED Talks

6 highly engaging, life-changing talks

Victor Mong


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TED talks can be the perfect source of insights and inspiration to change your life.

Whether you want to learn how to manage stress, build self-esteem, communicate better, or know the secret to a long and happy life, TED Talks are a trove of wisdom and insights from some of the best storytellers and thinkers in the world.

I am a fan of TED Talks and have spent hours watching some of the most inspiring talks. And in this article, I share 6 highly engaging TED Talks that I believe will have an incredible impact on your life.

“How Do You Define Yourself?” By Lizzie Velasquez

How do you define yourself? Who do you think you are?

You probably have asked yourself this question before.

Many people define themselves based on outer beauty, social media following, how much money they have in their account, or their career.

But in this heart-touching TED Talk, Lizzie Velasquez demonstrates that those external measures don’t define you.

Instead, how you want to define yourself begins from the inside of you. You decide who you are and how you want others to see you.

Lizzie was born with a rare genetic disorder that prevents her from ever gaining weight, no matter what food she eats. Upon that, she’s blind in one eye.

Because of her skinny frame, people sought to define her in their way. She faced constant bullying while growing up and some even labeled her “The World’s Ugliest Woman.”

But Lizzie decided to create her definition of beauty and happiness. She didn’t let her condition stop her from pursuing her goals.

According to her:

You are the one who decides what defines you. Never allow your outer appearance or your disabilities to define you… Use the negative things in your life, turn them around, use them as a ladder to climb up in life.”

“The Price Of Shame” By Monica Lewinsky



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