Want To Be Happy? Quit Doing These 5 Things Immediately

A few small adjustments that will make you a lot happier

Victor Mong


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Researchers claims happiness has a genetic component. That is, some people are just programmed to be happier.

However, most people contribute to their unhappiness by their own actions and behaviors.

This means that regardless of what your genes dictate, making a few adjustments to your behavior can improve your happiness.

Here are five things that if you stop doing will make you happier.

1. Giving a Crap About Who Owns What

Most people put themselves through unnecessary stress and unhappiness because they’re more interested in what others have.

They care more about what jobs others do, their job titles, or how much money they make that they hardly pay attention to their own lives.

Newsflash: One of the surest way to be unhappy is to constantly feel that others have it better than you.

Using other people status to determine your own worth based on how they stack up against them will leave you perpetually sad.

When you see some people, they may look like they have it better: nice cars, big bank balance, fancy clothes, luxury home, vacations. Everything seems perfect for them.

You then imagine you were the one living the life they have and feel sad your life is a far cry from what you wanted it to be.

What you may not realize is that nothing as it seems on the outside. Nobody has it all and guess what, you don’t need to have it all to be happy and fulfilled.

The less you care about what others have that you don’t, the less interested you are in how much money others makes, where the work, and their job title, the less pressure you put on yourself to try and be like them and the happier you’ll become.

“The happiest people do not necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.”

— Sonja Lyubomirsky



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