7 Harsh Realities That Help You Grow in Life

Accepting certain realities gives you the clarity you need to navigate life with confidence.

Victor Mong
8 min readMar 18


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Life is hard. We may choose to lie to ourselves or pretend that it’s otherwise. But the truth is, you and I need a sense of clarity to be able to push through the obstacles life throws at us, turn them into stepping stones, and achieve our biggest dreams. And that begins when you accept certain harsh realities.

Your fiercest battles in life are won or lost in your mind.

We all have dreams and visions to become our best selves and achieve greatness. But we’re constantly at war in our minds.

These negative thoughts create an internal struggle that leads to self-sabotaging behaviors.

It’s why you convince yourself that you’re not good enough and that you don’t have what it takes to pursue your passions. It keeps you trapped in your comfort zone.

Most people don’t realize that their limiting beliefs about what they think they can or can’t achieve are only products of their imaginations. They’re not true.

However, the turning point in our lives is when we finally break free from our limiting beliefs and set ourselves on the path of growth, happiness, and success.

You break free from your negative thought patterns by recognizing that you have absolute control over your thoughts and how they shape your life. This allows you to reframe limiting beliefs and take control of your life, ultimately empowering yourself to live the life you want.

By doing so, you gain self-trust and confidence in your ability to achieve your goals and become who you want to be.

You see, our minds are the engine of our lives. It’s where our destinies are forged. It’s where we decide who we want to be and what we want to achieve.

Once you’re able to win the battle against your negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, you’ve learned to master your thoughts and align them with your dreams. This makes you an unstoppable force.

You will always have less control than you desire



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