How Your Money Personality Can Keep You Broke

What your money personality say about how manage your money

Victor Mong
5 min readJun 3, 2023
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Your money personality determines whether you become rich or stay broke.

Most people make enough money to be financially secure but can’t manage it effectively.

For example, nearly 70% of people who receive large financial windfalls, such as inheritances or lottery winnings, end up bankrupt within a few years.

They spend on things they don’t even need or something happens that takes all the money away.

Even though a lack of financial knowledge can contribute to the inability in managing money and building wealth, what many people fail to realize is that their money personality is also a key factor at play

Your money personality embodies your beliefs and behaviors when it comes to money.

Your money personality are your beliefs and habits that influence how you think about, manage, and interact with money.

If you don’t have a healthy money personality, you will stay broke, even if you make tons of money.

Here are five money personality most people fall into.

The Compulsive Spender



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