5 Signs That Tell People You Are Easy To Exploit

People take advantage of you because you’re showing these signs

Victor Mong
5 min readJul 15, 2023


People exploit you because of you.

That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. How people perceive you determines how they treat you.

Often, it’s your behaviors that signal whether you’re an assertive, no-nonsense person or someone they can take for granted.

Here are five signs that can send the wrong message and suggest you can be easily manipulated.

You’re Always Trying To Be The Nice Guy

The perception you create about yourself in people’s minds impacts how they relate to or treat you.

If your behavior consistently gives off the impression of being a “nice” person, some people will see you as easy to manipulate.

Being nice here means you try to be too accommodating and agreeable and prioritize other people’s needs over your own.

For example, you always say yes to a co-worker or boss who gives you extra tasks, even at the expense of your own workload.

You’re willing to go the extra mile to do favors for others, even if it costs you dearly. This desire to win other people’s approval outweighs the inconveniences you may face.

There’s nothing wrong with being nice or helpful to others when you can.

If you repeatedly sacrifice your needs because you want to please others or get them, you create a pattern that suggests you can’t assert yourself.

People will see this as a sign of weakness and vulnerability and will pounce on the opportunity to use you to achieve their interests in any way they can.

What To Do Instead

Being nice does not mean being a pushover. The first rule is to look out for yourself first.

If you choose to do something for someone who needs your help, do it out of a genuine desire to help, not to be liked.

Set boundaries and assert yourself respectfully. Be firm, and let people know when you can’t give them what they want.



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