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Every viral article have these attributes and mastering them can help you improve your article quality and engagement

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Getting readers to read your work online is a tough job, especially because of people’s increasingly shrinking attention span. For example, a study by Jakob Nielsen on web usability showed that 79 percent of online readers don’t actually read — they scan. Only 16 percent attempt a word-by-word read.


What I learned about how under pressure can be a fuel for high performance

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Nobody performs better under pressure. Regardless of the task, pressure ruthlessly diminishes your judgment, decision-making, attention, dexterity, and performance.

But is it possible you can transform pressure into a force for good and use it to change your life?

When you’re running out of time to meet a target and…

It’s what you believe about yourself and about what you can do that will makes the difference in your life, career, and business

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Your most important battle in life is breaking free from the limiting beliefs you have about yourself, your capabilities, and what you can achieve.

We change your lives when we win the battles in our minds. And we limit ourselves because we hold on to negative beliefs about ourselves; beliefs…

I wish you can read this slowly and let it sink!

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It’s 1 PM. You are in a Lagos traffic gridlock. The AC in the car is ice cold. You look out through the tinted glass, it looks melting hot outside. You spot a man.

He looks 30-ish. You could see the sweat running down his stressed face. He is carrying…

5 practical steps to the life, business, and career you want

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We don’t stay the same forever. You’re not today, the same person you used to be 5 years ago. Your personality, thinking process, skills, values, desires, and aspirations have changed.

In the same way, you won’t be in the next 5 years the same person you are right now.


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