8 Things That Reveal a Person’s True Character

Pay attention to them

Victor Mong
8 min readJun 13, 2023
Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash

The ability to evaluate someone’s character is crucial to successful interpersonal relationships.

The reason is simple: People don’t tell you who they are. They show you, in subtle ways, through their habits and behaviors. And you’ve got to be attentive to notice.

I’m meticulous about the people I welcome into my life. Because of this, knowing how to gauge someone’s character is a skill that I built over time, and it’s helped me avoid getting caught in the wrong web.

While people sometimes have off days in terms of how they actually behave, knowing a few patterns can help you spot who a person really is within a short time.

Here are nine real clues that can be a goldmine of information about someone’s character.

Who Their Closest Friends Look Like

What a person’s closest friends look like reveals their character.

I often tell myself that I don’t attract certain people as friends. It’s not because I think of myself as a better person.

It’s just that I consider them to be the opposite of who I am or the image I want to be associated with.



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