7 Things You Can’t Afford To Stop Improving About Yourself

The better you are at doing these, the more successful you’ll become in life, career, and business.

Victor Mong
7 min readFeb 7, 2022


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If you’re in business, you know that to be successful over the long term you’d have to keep making your products better for your customers.

Rarely is a product released in a perfect form. It’s first used by consumers who send in feedback. The company then relies on end-user experiences to make the product even better.

And it’s not just the products that keep getting better if a business wants to stay competitive and grow bigger.

It must also continue to refine how it operates, how it passes across its message, how it attracts leads and turn them into paying customers, how it attracts talents, and so on.

In short, successful businesses make it a duty to keep improving their capacity to meet customers' needs.

This applies as much to human beings as it does to a business.

Marshall Goldsmith aptly titled his book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even Successful.

So true!

Each level of success you attain will require you to update your habits, mindset, skills, relationships, work ethic.

If you want to make more money, build a better business, be a great father, grow your career, you need to continue to improve certain aspects of your life as well.

1. Building genuine relationships with people

One skill that can set you apart and take your life to the next level is your ability to connect and build genuine and helpful relationships with people.

And the better you are at this, the more opportunities you will have in life, career, and business.

You’re just one relationship away from a life-changing opportunity.

Someone will get you to your dream job. Someone will recommend you for a big-money project or hook you up to your dream partner.

People are a big part of our success and learning to relate better is one thing you should…



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