6 Things That Never Lose Their Value In Life

They matter more than you think

Victor Mong
7 min readJul 22, 2022



If you’re honest with yourself, some things that once meant so much to you a decade ago, probably have no significance today.

Life evolves. Everything changes.

Your personality, values, and priorities change. The value you place on certain things changes as well. Some of the things you think you can’t live without today will have little or no value over time.

However, some things will prove to be priceless throughout your lifetime, and having them will make your life much better.

Having people in your life you care about and who support you

As you get older, it’s not just having relationships that matter. Instead, it’s having genuine relationships with people who care about you, love you, and support you at all times.

One of the biggest regrets most people have later in life is wishing they had better relationships with the people that mattered to them.

And it’s not hard to see why.

Most of us preoccupy ourselves with work, career, and making money that we leave out little or no time to build bonds and build memories.

Nothing is more priceless than the times, love, and amazing memories you can have with the people in your life.

I cherish the people in my life. This includes my family and friends. Every moment I share with them is a blessing and an opportunity to create memories.

Taking the time to talk, listen to one another, laugh together, do things that you all enjoy, and celebrate major events in your lives are memories that will stay with you till death.

We sometimes take this for granted, but they’re invaluable and can increase the quality of your life.

What are you to do?

Interruption from our smartphones is a major impediment to making genuine connections with others in this day and age.

When you’re with people you care about, you put your phone down, turn off your tablet, and focus on them. Also, tune out from work.



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