7 Habits That Constantly Drain Your Energy (And How To Fix It)

It is surprisingly your daily habits that have the most impact on your energy, making you tired and less productive

Victor Mong


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Energy is the ability to do work.

You and I need a certain level of physical, mental, and emotional energy to work at any given time.

But energy is a finite resource. It reduces in volume as we use it. This explains why we sometimes feel tired, exhausted, and fatigued.

When you’re out of energy, your work is done. Grounded!

In the morning when your energy level is high, you make decisions faster and better. Often, decision fatigue starts to set in because your mental resource is running low.

Also, being physically exhausted and emotionally drained can result from the same reason.

Thus, protecting yourself from activity that drains your energy and makes you feel tired can be key to improving your productivity, happiness, and success.

However, more than anything else, our habits are what mostly zap our energy, and make us less productive, and unhappy.

1. Trying hard to please others

It’s super draining when you’re constantly trying to prove yourself to other people, whether they’re your boss, spouse, teacher, or parents.

When you seek to be in people’s good books and make them happy, you’ll invariably make yourself unhappy.

Because your actions will be determined by the need to meet their desires and expectations instead of your own.

While being kind and helpful can help you maintain healthy relationships with others, make sure you’re not doing so to win approval.

This is a dangerous path that will always drain your energy, make you neglect your own needs, and leave you unhappy and chronically stressed.

What you need to do

Learn to know your limits, establish clear boundaries, and then communicate those limits.

Recognize that relationships are based on “give and take,” and be firm in saying no…



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