6 Amazing Things Billionaires Do To Maximize Their Weekends

Weekend routines of the world’s most successful people

Victor Mong


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“Success in a competitive world requires hitting Monday refreshed and ready to go. The only way to do that is to create weekends that rejuvenate you rather than exhaust or disappoint you.”

— Laura Vanderkam

Many of us have trouble making the most of our weekends. We choke up our weekends carrying work over and continuing where we stopped at the office. In fact, it’s been shown that more than 35% of Americans work on weekends.

Given this situation, one might be tempted to think that the most successful people, such Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, and so — people who’re running multi-billion dollar businesses — often have their weekends filled with work.

It turns out that successful people are quite intentional about how they spend their weekends.

Here are 6 essential things successful people do to make the most of their weekends and get in the right shape for the new week.

They catch up on sleep time

Adequate sleep is important to keep the body and brain working optimally.

The world’s richest people often have so much on their to-do list that it can be hard to get the right amount of sleep.

According to science, an average adult needs 7–8 hours of sleep. But because of work overload, people are sleeping less. For example, a report shows that one-third of Americans sleep fewer than six hours per night.

Lack of sleep can cause tiredness, fatigue, impair decision making and increase the likelihood of distractions which lowers how productive you can be.

Elon Musk often talks about how his own productivity suffers when he doesn’t get adequate sleep

To prevent this problem, the world’s ultra-successful people use their weekends to catch up on sleep.

They understand that sleep has a therapeutic power to heal the body, clear the mind, and restore the soul. This helps…



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