6 Habits of People Who Do Epic Shit

Master these habits if you want to do great things

Victor Mong


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In life, we usually get what we aim for.

Some people aim to do great things, build wealth, and be the best version of themselves, but they’re people who are content to aim low.

Over the years, social scientists have occupied themselves trying to figure out exactly what people who accomplish great things do differently.

For instance, Tom Correy interviewed hundreds of wealthy people, mostly self-made millionaires, and discovered that the difference boils down to their daily habits. He discovered that high performers and successful individuals maintain a certain lifestyle.

Here are six habits of people who do epic things that you can apply.

Take a Bet On Yourself

Most successful people have one thing in common: they bet on themselves.

They have an unwavering faith in their abilities, ideas, and vision.

They believe in themselves and are willing to take calculated risks to go for what they want, even if no one gives them a chance or the odds are stacked against them.

Many people want to be successful but are not sure of themselves. They think they don’t have what it takes and that others are smarter or more talented than them.

I wanted to write for so long. I kept fearing that I wasn’t good enough and that nobody would care what I wrote about. I was more interested in how I compared to other people than in sharing my own story.

Until I learned a vital lesson: Success isn’t about being the best, or who has a better product than you, or who writes better than you. It’s more about what you bring differently to the world.

When you know this, betting on yourself becomes easier.

That means you can allow yourself to commit your time, energy, and resources to what you want and believe you have what it takes to overcome any challenge and succeed.

Conan O’Brien said, “I like being tested. I get as scared as anyone. But the feeling of putting yourself on the line, betting on your talent, and having it work—that's the most…



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