5 Random Ideas That Can Change Your Life

And how you see the world

Victor Mong
7 min readApr 26, 2022


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Every change is based on ideas. Ideas gives you new insights and perspectives. It’s based on your new perspectives that you’re able to see the world differently and engineer a new direction for your life.

Here are five ideas or principles that that have influenced my life and which I believe can influence yours. None of these ideas, however, is entirely new. The pointbis to see their relevance and how they help us make sense of life.

Theory of Constraints

The theory of constraints (ToC) is based on the idea that every system has at least one or more limiting factors. These factors hold it back from reaching its full potential and performing at its best. As a result, the most effective way for a system to achieve the desired results is by identifying and optimizing those constraints.

Let’s take a manufacturing process as an example.

Manufacturing is a complex system consisting of different but related parts. One or more of these parts can limit the entire system. This is why it’s often said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

The idea behind the ToC is that the process can be made more efficient by improving on the constraints or weaknesses in the chain. By fixing each weakness one at a time, the whole process gets stronger and so does the growth potential.

Life works in much the same way.

We all face different challenges that hold us back from reaching our potential. We encounter obstacles that stop us from achieving our goals and becoming the person we want to be.

Your goals and aspirations are vulnerable to your “weak links.”

The ToC helps you figure out exactly what you’re trying to achieve and what is stopping you from doing so.

Are your habits standing in your way?

Do you hold on to limiting beliefs that inspire fear and inaction?

Are you surrounding yourself with negative people who don’t help you grow?

These are all constraints. And they impact your behavior, performance, and results in every area of your life.



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