5 Meta Habits of Highly Conscientious People

You can practice these habits to change your life

Victor Mong
6 min readJun 2, 2023
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Out of the core five character traits from which human personalities stem, one consistently stands out as the biggest predictor of success in different aspects of life: conscientiousness.

Conscientiousness has been found to play a critical role in successful functioning across the lifespan.

Conscientious people have high executive functioning skills.

This means they’re good at planning, staying focused and organized, getting things done, making decisions, and adjusting to different situations.

It’s not surprising that people with a high level of conscientiousness experience greater success in life’s domains, including academics, career, and relationships.

For example, conscientious children make better grades, commit fewer crimes, show better social skills, and have greater self-regulation.

As adults, they’re more productive, earn higher salaries, feel more satisfied with work, and are also more likely to handle complex tasks.

In addition, conscientious people make better health choices and have been found to live longer by engaging in low-risk behaviors.



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