5 Life-Altering Ideas I Borrowed From Adam Grant That Will Rewire Your Mind

Changing your life begins with changing your mind.

Victor Mong


Photo by Yury Orlov on Unsplash

Changing our lives often begins with coming into contact with great ideas.

The problem is great ideas can be hard to find. However, one of the greatest modern-day thinkers, Adam Grant, seems to be overflowing with them.

Grant is a distinguished Wharton professor of organizational psychology and the author of several best-selling books, including “Think Again.”

On his X (formerly Twitter) account, Prof. Grant often shares powerful insights. Here are five picks that shifted my mind and that I believe will help you become a better version of yourself.

How Well You Learn Matters More Than What You Know

When you study history, you’ll find that nothing is ever the same for too long. Things evolve, most of the time, into their better or more advanced versions.

We’ve gone from slow horse-drawn carriages in the 18th century to modern fast cars. Communication has shifted from letters to emails and now instant messaging.

These shifts not only reflect technological progress but also highlight society’s constant pursuit of efficiency and…



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