4 Things That Can Make You Luckier Than Others

Being lucky is about improving your chances of getting what you want in life

Victor Mong
5 min readJul 6, 2022


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ou and I want some luck in our lives, whether it’s about getting a good job, rising to the top in our careers, or finding the right partner.

But, it appears some people tend to get lucky more than others.

Over the years, psychologists such as Richard Wiseman have devoted their time to understand why some people get all the luck and others don’t.

Is there a science to it?

Can we control how “lucky” we can be or is it something based on magic?

To answer these questions, we need to understand that luck isn’t about folding your hands and waiting for your life to change without your efforts.

Being lucky is about you taking the right steps to improve the likelihood that what you want to happen happens.

In whatever area of your life you want to change, you get lucky by putting yourself in a position where the chances of achieving your goal are quite high.

Because as it turns out, you create and indeed, can make yourself luckier.

In his book, Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck, Anthony Tjan shows that what separates lucky people from those who don’t have much isn’t because of endless passion or higher intelligence. Instead, it is the attitude and orientation to life that they possess.

Unceasing Expectation That Good Things Will Happen

This is a no-brainer. Right?

It doesn’t even make sense that you want things to change for you while you’re always expecting the worst to happen.

Optimism is a non-negotiable attribute to have if you want to be luckier.

Optimism — having the faith that the best will happen — is the reason people take risks, fall in love, or start a business. It’s the foundation of all life-changing choices and decisions.

In a study by psychologist Richard Wiseman, being positive people increases your chances of success in life. Simply…



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