13 Promises You Should Make to Yourself If You Want a Better Future

Make these pledges to yourself and stick to them.

Victor Mong


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We underestimate the power of the promises we make to ourselves and wholeheartedly commit to keeping.

How your future turns out depends on the promises—or, I should say, the resolutions—you make with yourself in the present about the choices that define your everyday experiences.

If you resolve to save $1 every day for the next 12 months, for example, you’ll have $365. You already know it won’t make you rich, but isn’t that better than $0? This principle applies in all areas of life.

As much as we want to make big changes, I have learned that the small resolutions we stick to are often the major drivers of change in our lives.

Let’s walk through 13 promises that will surely have a significant impact on your life if you commit to them wholeheartedly:

Don’t Compromise Your Happiness

You don’t owe anyone happiness.

Many of us give up the life we want or let our passions die because we want to make others happy. We want to do something that makes others proud of us.

They will claim to know what’s best for you and try to fit you into their little, narrow box of expectations.

If you want to take charge of your own future, resolve that you will never compromise your happiness and passion for anyone else.

This means not letting people’s opinions dictate what you do. It’s about basing your decisions on what genuinely fulfills you.

Compromising your passion leads to emptiness, unfulfillment, and feelings of resentment.

Never Carry the Weight of The World on Your Shoulders

Life can be overwhelming. It throws curveballs at us from all directions.

And it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you have to fix other people’s problems from family to friends and coworkers.

But there’s a fine line between helping others and trying to “fix” them. You’re not responsible for anybody’s happiness or their…



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