11 Red Flags To Watch In Yourself

We’re often blind to our own flaws

Victor Mong


Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash

We’re often preoccupied with thoughts of how other people’s behaviors affect us, but what we rarely consider is the impact our own actions have on others.

It’s like we’re standing in front of a big mirror, checking out everyone else’s reflection, but forgetting to take a peek at our own.

This is a common human bias.

We tend to think we’re less likely to act or behave in the same way as others do. We think we’re immune to mistakes or missteps.

Because of this, we’re not always mindful of our actions. This sense of invulnerability can hinder us from recognizing the subtle ways our actions might hurt others.

The truth is, you’re human. You’re not perfect. You make mistakes. You’re susceptible to behaviors you may think are okay without realizing they affect the people around you.

Recognizing these red flags can help you manage how you relate to and interact with others in any relationship.

Here are 11 major red flags to watch out for in yourself:

You Get Angry When Someone Corrects You

How you respond to being corrected can be a red flag because it gives a clue about your emotional maturity.

Do you become angry or defensive, ready to counterattack?

Do you accept the feedback with an open mind and a “thank you for pointing that out” attitude?

It’s natural to feel embarrassed when we make a mistake. It’s like having a crack in the shiny surface we try to project to the world.

However, if you find yourself always responding with anger or defensiveness when someone points out your mistake or corrects you, it’s a red flag that most likely shows deeper underlying issues like insecurities or fragile ego.

We all make mistakes, and when we find out, we take urgent steps to fix them. Sometimes, however, we don’t see our mistakes by ourselves and need others to point them out for us.

The goal isn’t to make you upset or point out how imperfect you are; it’s about making sure you don’t dig yourself into a deeper hole.



Victor Mong

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